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About Catherine Cameron

As a young mother of two, I spent many days at my local park and drop-ins, connecting with other parents and discovering the importance of community and support. I believe that prenatal preparation for parenting, and support during birth and early postpartum can help strengthen family connection and ease the transition into motherhood.

It was my innate need for learning and personal growth that led to my work at Parentbooks, where I have provided informational support to families since 2001. Trained in Craniosacral Therapy and registered as a Reiki practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA), I have been a practicing licensed holistic practitioner in Toronto since 2007. Working with local artists and educators I have brought mindfulness and communication based workshops to the elementary classroom, exploring with children the topics of emotional awareness, peacemaking skills, and stillness. It is my background in singing, meditation and art making that connects me to the creative and expressive heart of life and now birth.

I am a trained Doula and Childbirth Mentor through Birthing From Within®, and have worked intensively through a mentorship under Karen McWilliam. I have supported both home and hospital births, medicated and non-medicated labours. At the core of my doula and holistic practice is an honouring of the journey into parenthood, offering a space to focus on awareness, trust, growth and balance. This gives parents a chance to connect with themselves (emotionally and physically) and build connection with their families through their birthing and beyond.

For further information about my services please email me at catherine@mindfulconnections.ca or visit my website www.mindfulconnections.ca

How we give birth matters! What our babies experience shapes who they are. What a mother experiences at the very transition from maiden to mother changes her. Gentle, natural birth unlocks something primal at our very core that makes mothering easier and makes families stronger...If parents would only realize that every single decision they make from conception onward influences the outcome of their birth, they could reclaim what they didn't even know was lost."
—Kim Wildner, Mother's Intention