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Birth Doula Services

photoI incorporate many techniques for assisting women in childbirth including movement, visualization, fear release, hydrotherapy, massage, acupressure, aromatherapy and deep relaxation techniques. I provide informational support, rounding out any medical model you may have chosen for your birth. I provide emotional support and physical support. I am available to you during your prenatal period and meet with you and your partner, if you have one, 2-3 times in your home before your birth process begins.

I remain with you throughout your birth journey, from when you need me to be there until your baby is born. I usually come to your home, but can join you in the hospital if that is preferred. I remain with you throughout your labour until you are settled in bed (at home) or in the postpartum area of the hospital (usually 1-2 hours). I also provide 2 postpartum visits upon your return home to help with the early adjustment period of new motherhood and to help support and assist with breastfeeding.

I am available for phone and email consults as necessary during your pregnancy and often remain in contact with my clients well after their babies are born. Please see Essential Doula Services for further information and details.

Should you wish to meet for a no-obligation interview, I'd be happy to arrange that with you.

Birth Doula Packages:

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