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The McWilliam Method (TM pending)

Combining a number of techniques, The McWilliam Method (TM pending) provides parents-to-be with a unique combination of theory, practical techniques, yoga and breathing, visualization, toning, pain management & coping measures, self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, physical release and calming techniques. It is based in practice and repetition so that tools become integrated and accessible long before labour begins. It also covers information needed to make the best decisions possible for birthing person and baby, should interventions be necessary.

The McWilliam Method examines:

  • what we "know" about birth and parenting
  • deeply held beliefs about labour, birth and parenting, and how those beliefs impact our minds/bodies
  • physiology & stages of labour: where you are, what is going on, what "to do/not do"
  • spinning babies - optimal labour and birth positioning for labouring person and baby
  • physiology, structure of pelvis, pelvic floor, soft tissues and smooth muscles
  • yoga postures & best labour positions for comfort and baby's descent
  • labour & birth breathing
  • toning techniques
  • fear release
  • self-hypnosis
  • assisted hypnosis/releases (partner and/or other support person-directed)
  • relaxation and visualization techniques
  • acupressure techniques for induction and augmentation of labour, comfort in labour
  • engaging trust in the birth process and the birthing person's body
  • hospital protocols, policies and procedures
  • birth "preferences", a new take on birth "plans"
  • inductions & alternatives
  • epidurals and other interventions: when, why, & how?
  • calmly and confidently communicating your wishes to your caregivers
  • compassionate, connected, empowered, engaged caesarian birth
  • early moments of baby's life outside the womb: basic breastfeeding preparation, realistic newborn expectations and first few hours/days for birthing person, (partner) and baby
  • how to have fun and ENJOY (YES! it is possible!!) your birthing and early parenting experience

All the techniques are designed for individuals as well as providing suggestions and tools/techniques for any support person if one is involved.

The McWilliam Method Packages:

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