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Doula Testimonials

Dear Karen,
Karen has been part of my three pregnancies/deliveries. She's part of our family now (when I say "me" or "my", I mean both Ian and me). At my first delivery, she was KEY to having the delivery I wanted... nice, memorable, gentle. She was great interacting with the hospital staff. Sebastian came to the world exactly the way I wanted and without Karen, IT JUST WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED. When I found out I was pregnant again, the first thing Ian (husband) said (even before yaay! or hugs or anything) was "call Karen now!!!." My delivery was A DREAM DELIVERY. Pablo was out and eating in two hours. She was so awesome that even the nurses asked me for her information to pass along... Stephie, my third, was born in 45 mins from first contraction. At this point, Karen had taught me everything and guided me through everything. Technically I could have done it alone (even at home!) but neither Ian nor I fathomed the idea of not having Karen with us. She's awesome, caring, knowledgeable, professional, calming... can't say enough good things about her. She gives partners their space and graciously helps them be more active and useful (and makes them feel that way) pre, during and post. She was HUGE HUGE help when my second one was having issues latching (you'd think I would have been a pro after #1 but each kid is different!). I'd have a fourth just to get Karen again BUT Ian would kill me! All joking aside, I'd put my hands in fire for Karen.
—Elke Rubach

photoDear Karen,
Your guidance in bringing Tascha to this world went beyond our every expectation. Your personal engagement, the readings you supplied and the support after Tascha's birth brought richness to the whole experience I wish every parent to share. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
—Katja and Adam

photoDear Karen,
When my husband and I met you, we were both impressed with how comfortable you made us feel. You put us at ease right away - you were kind, warm, funny, and passionate about your work... We felt we could trust you. Initially we were both sceptical about hiring a doula. I stubbornly felt that I could ‘go it alone' and that the expense was not worth it. My husband felt that a doula might usurp his authority and come in the way of him and me during the birth. While both of us had our misgivings, we are both so incredibly humbled and grateful that we did not act on them!! It's difficult for me to put into words how important a role you played in our birthing experience. To put it simply, you were magical. You were strong, calm, centered, supportive, proactive, gentle, loving, sensitive, and most importantly, you were there completely for US. You came to where WE lived, physically and emotionally, and helped us in the way we needed to be helped. Your expertise and intuition blended perfectly... you knew what to do, what to say, where to touch, how to help, what instructions to give, when to step away, how to encourage, when to keep quiet. You were like a humble servant, and angel, sent to bless us. You worked so hard to ground me and to care for me while I was labouring, and to enrol and encourage my husband. My husband and I were stunned by the beauty of our son's birthing experience. And you were instrumental to that. We couldn't be happier.

Thank you Karen. My husband continues to say that you are the best friend a father could have. You enabled us to manifest the most amazing birth... from the pre-birth visits where you helped us feel comfortable with you and with your expertise, to the birth itself (as described above... an angel!!), to post-natal care where you helped me with the most basic understanding of how to change a diaper, and how to listen to my baby... you have made our family stronger. We are so deeply grateful. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a doula, and I offer myself as a reference for as long as you might need to call on me.

Words cannot describe how fortunate we feel to have you in our lives and Livia's birth was exactly what we wanted, thanks to your guidance and spirit. Your positivity and energy are contagious and I'm glad we caught some of it. Lots of love & hugs,
—Joanne, Ted, and Livia

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photoKaren was the perfect combination of birthing sage, resource manager, sister, and Mother Earth when it came to our birth. Although this was our second child we learned, and continue to learn, so much from Karen, not just about birthing but about so much more--breastfeeding, baby wearing, general baby care, sibling rivalry, and parenting multiple children. Karen's support following our birth was instrumental in making a smooth post-partum adjustment.

To prepare for the birth itself Karen listened intently to our birthing experience with our first child and asked questions to uncover our fears and our desires for our second birth. Working together we were able to formulate plans for an ideal second birth which was the beginning of our amazing journey together. When I went into labour Karen drove two hours back to Toronto from up north in the middle of the night to attend my birth—all this on Easter weekend, too. Now that's dedication. My birthing experience was beautiful and drug free and with Karen's guidance I was able to feel in control of how my baby came into the world. I remember during active labour squeezing Karen's hand and heard her voice calmly reminding me to "Relax and let loving kindness flow down to your baby." Immediately I was able to put her words into practice and relax and have the birth I always wanted to have.

Thank you, Karen, for helping us fulfil our birthing goals and begin our family's life together in a beautifully calm way. Take care,

photoFrom the moment I met Karen in prenatal yoga, I knew I was going to have her as my doula. I would come home on a high feeling strong, confident, and ready to take on any challenge. It was Karen's ability to transmit her positive energy and her personal strength through her services that made her the most valuable member of our birthing team. Leading up to our daughter's birth day, Karen provided us with an abundance of information and enabled us to choose what was right for us. The day of, Karen created an environment at the hospital that made focusing on birthing our child easier and more comfortable. Through her support and guidance, my husband was more confident in his ability to support me through the process. We were able to connect more deeply and to truly share in the moment together which made it more magical. Following the birth of our daughter, Karen offered valuable postpartum guidance including breastfeeding support that made nurturing our newest addition that much easier. Thanks to Karen, we had the birth day of our dreams! I can't remember a happier time. We love you Karen... can't wait to do it over again!
—Terry, Moira and Véronique

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Words cannot express how grateful we are that you could be a part of Grace's birth. You helped me find a strength I didn't know I had.
—Kristen & Alex & Grace

photoDear Karen,
You stayed with me through the whole birthing experience and you helped me find my strength to make important decisions and to be present in the moment. You gave so much of yourself to me; my baby and I are blessed. Your wisdom, power and kindness will be alive in my heart forever. Thank you Karen. Love,

photoDear Karen,
Thank you so much!! I just wanted to add that I remember that you gave Janet beautiful words of encouragement during our first meetings. And during the labour, your strength and encouragement brought out such courage in Janet - like I've never seen in her before!! And I thank you, from my heart, for the strength and support that you brought to me as well. Love,

Karen's support of me and also my husband was amazing. As a result of Karen's help, I was able to labour at home up to 7 cms! I know I couldn't have done it without her words of encouragement, massaging of my back, providing a shoulder to lean on when I need to continue my movement, reminding me about my breathing and other suggestions for natural pain reduction. At the hospital, Karen was there to help us unpack the recommendations of the doctors and decide what was best for us. When things took a difficult turn and ended up in a c-section, Karen's insistence that it wasn't my fault was invaluable. Karen's postpartum support was just as important. When I was convinced I could not breastfeed, Karen showed me I could. Karen will always have a soft spot in my heart for her role in this intensely personal and wonderful time in my life. I without doubt recommend her as a doula.

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photoDear Karen,

Thank you for helping to make our birthing experience a special and wonderful event!

Your dedication and love for your job was apparent throughout the time we spent with you - your commitment went above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge of childbirth and post-partum with us through books, poems, and videos. With your guidance, we were able to clearly identify and articulate what was important to us.

During the birth of our son, you were a calming, soothing, and respectful presence. We found that you somehow said and did the right things at the right time even during the most challenging situations.

You managed to provide the perfect amount of support, while allowing us to have an intimate experience as a couple. We could not have done it without you.

You had a fantastic rapport with the nurses and doctors - thank you as well for transforming the hospital room into a friendlier, more calming environment.

Your unwavering emotional and physical support, guidance, and encouragement were instrumental in helping us attain our vision of our son's birth.
—Rochelle & James

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